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    The sky turn dark,it was a long day for the Deadbeard,the family talk all night,there is a lot of explaining to do. "So...what made you come back,deary?",Deadbeard ask,he hand his wife a cup Sea Tea his wife brew up. "I saw our son at the grocery store,I finally had my chance to see my son and possibly you...",Mrs. Deadbeard take a sip of her tea and continue. "He came back he two day later and he his friend saw me and I ran,climbed onto a roof,then fell off the roof,and they came to help,when I saw him,I instantly knew who he was..." "Huh,we should probably get some rest now...",Deadbeard yawns. The three agree with his yawn and hit the hay. It was 6:00 A.M.,Pizza wakes to open his restaurant,but first,he walk to his parents' bedroom,his dad is still sleeping,however,his mom,was packing her stuff up. "Hey mom,what are you up to?",Pizza question. "Mommy is doing very important business",Mrs. Deadbeard said. "What kind of b-",Mrs.Deadbeard shush her son,she pull him to Deadbeard's desk,move his belong around,and unravel a blue prints of a odd gnome-looking balloon. "This is a 'Gnome Blimps',it is a dangeruous weapon used by these species called 'Gnomes',some of the ancient Gods say that these were just cute little lawn ornaments,but they soon evolved to turn into evil monsters with huge mustaches and pointy,sharp hats." "Wow...I didn't understand a word you just said mom",Pizza did a " Meow :3 " face. Mrs. Deadbeard facepalm and explain more to him,so he can understand. "This blimp will be deployed in a matter of time and for all I know,it'll end all of us..." Pizza gasp,"That means no Pizza!" Mrs.Deadbeard nods,"That's right son,no more pizza,brainz,no Zombies,even no more mommy and daddy!" Deadbeard arose from his bed,not wearing a shirt,"Aye...What'z all the ruckus?" Mrs.Deadbeard quickly roll up the blue prints and shove her blue prints and stuff in her backpack,"Oh,nothing my cuddlefish...heheh,go back to sleep",Mrs.Deadbeard kiss Deadbeard on the lips,"I had fun last night,heheh." Pizza gags hearing his parents talking about their 'Night',he wish he doesn't want know what they did anyways. "Okay...I'm going to load the cannons,dear",Deadbeard grab his clothes and puts it on,and walks up the top deck. "We need to get out of here,now,your dad will be fine without us around",Mrs.Deadbeard whisper it to her son. "What,wh-",Mrs. Deadbeard shush her son once again,"We must get to Rose's Castle,take her magic wand,and destroy that Gnome Blimp." Mrs.Deadbeard said. "Well,why cant we do it?",Pizza ask. "Do you think that sl*tty Rose would want to save us Zombies,or even Plants? She on only cares about herself,and how beautiful she is,and taking your father,blah blah blah blah..."Mrs Deabeard mocks about Rose,"Okay,let's get moving then." "TO THE C-",Pizza shut his mouth from his mother's eerie glare."You weren't always this loud,son..",she roll her eye with a small smile.

    They head off to the grocery store,"I have my motor cycle around her somehwere..."Mrs.Deadbeard looks around and sees a zombie towing a motorcycle,the worst part :it was HER motorcycle! "Aye! Aye! Stop towing my motorcycle",Mrs.Deadbeard yell. "Oh,I'm sorry lady,but this motorcycle was parked in a 'No Parking Zone'." explain the zombie.
Untitled by OmegaKaijuScorpioBat
"Darn! I never saw that sign!",Mrs. Deadbeard kicks the ground. Pizza thought of an idea,"Here sir,I'll give you a coupon for my restaurant if you give that motorycle to us." bribe Pizza. "What are you do-" Pizza raise his index finger up,objecting his mom's question. "Free coupon for pizza with brain topping?",Brain topping,it was enough for the zombie to put Mrs. Deadbeard's Motorcycle,"Yes sir! You have a deal!",the zombie drives off with the coupon in his hand.

To be continue....
The upload of the story will be sluggish,I'm sorry
Mombeard sorta explain why made her come back,but the next day,Rose came back,again...
The Deadbeard fought long and well,Mombeard had to go to a very special mission,PP thought of going along with his mom
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