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    When Pizza reach the ship,he hear loud booming music and flashing colors coming out the crack of the ship. "He threw a party without me,aw come on,dad?" As Pizza open the door open,he was startled by a partygoer shouting.
Untitled by OmegaKaijuScorpioBat
"What the Brainz is going on?!",scream Pizza. Deadbeard press the pause button on the boombox and walk up to Pizza with ladder glasses,"We are celebratin'",a Swagbuckle Zombie save his booty by saying,"National Pizza Day!" "Aye!,Yeah! National Pizza Day!" Deadbeard smiles. "Ooooh boy,this is my day! National Pizza Day!" The party continue on and "KADOOM!" was heard,killing the party. Everyzombie scurry outside to see what happen. They were alarm when they see a big fire and a horde of Plants popping out of the flames. Everyzombie run for their unlives while Deadbeard and Pizza didn't. "What are we going to do,dad?!",Pizza panic,just then,the wooden doors to the ship burst open and the stupidly annoying Rose grew near them,"Deadbeard,my one and tru-",Deadbeard walk up to Rose and slaps her with the front side of his/B*tch slap,"Zip it!",Deadbeard hiss,"Why are here,Rose?! Don't ya have anything better to do,like be with Citron?" Rose place her rose bud hand on her cheek,letting out a small giggle."I heard you were having a party of your Wedding Anniversary,500 years? Is it?" Deadbeard eye spawn in tears,"Get out of here....GET OUT OF HERE!!!",Deadbeard screams. "Awww,crying over your wife? Once I have my Torchwood here,they'll mow you down,then you'll join your wife's grave",Rose use a Vine spell to tie both Deadbeard and Pizza up. She drag their body toward the Torchwoods who are ready to fire. "Today is the day you'll lose your remaining parent,Pizza!",Rose said with a sinister smile. While Rose was talking,Pizza cut his father free with his Pizza cutter,"Dad! Run!!" Deadbeard did as his son order and he runs to the top of the deck,unfortunately,a group of plants beat him to it. Deadbeard is now a sitting duck,and now tied up down after a Chomper place a Spikeweed underneath his feet,and its vine coil around his arms,legs,waist, and neck. "Enough of this game of hide and seek! This ends here! And now!",she signal a Torchwood to come forward,the Torchwood is ready to shoot,Deadbeard shut his eye tight,Bang! Deadbeard open his eye,he doesn't see his own blood on him,he knows his blood isn't.....Green. He looks up to see a big hole between the Torchwood's eyes and it went limp and tumble down. Once Rose see the dead Torchwood,she stomp her vine feet on the ground,getting real irate,"Plants!! Get him!" the plants are taking care of Deadbead,during that time,Rose kicks Pizza Pirate to the wooden ground,"I'm not done with you,string cheese! You better say here!",Rose said. Deadbeard fight his way through the Plants,shooting them with his Scurvy Scattershot,covering his hook and pegleg with plant blood when he stabs the Plants. A hooded figure swoops in the ship,on the Crow's Nest,Rose spots her,"You! You're the one who killed my Torchwood! Prepare to-",the hooded figure jumps off the Crown's Nest and land front of Pizza Pirate,she then reveal herself,it's Mrs. Deadbeard! "Who the hell are you?! Why did you kill my Tor-",Mrs. Deadbeard Round House kick Rose out the ship and into the water. She turns her direction to her son and cuts him free. Mrs.Deadbeard looks around the ship,the ship Pizza and Deadbeard live,"So...This is where you two live?" "Wait what? How do you know that we live here?",Pizza Pirate raise his eye brow. "I recognize the ship,the three of us would have so much fu-" "Aye,I'm glad you two are having a lovely chat there,but...Can you PLEASE give yer father a hook?!",Deadbeard is still fighting the group of plants all by himself,getting exhaust shooting and stabbing. Mrs. Deadbeard and Pizza takes out their weapon and charge to the top deck and the Deadbeard family kick the plants grasses out the ship. The sun is setting,Deadbeard stumbles for a while and collapse,Mrs. Deadbeard catch her tired husband,she knows he been doing all the work,she can trust her son to get rid the rest of plants,so she fling Pizza a gun. She and Pizza finally kill and push the plants off deck. 

    Deadbeard was out-cold for 10 minutes,his wife wipe a wet cloth on Deadbeard's forehead,he feel the cold cloth touching his head,and he woke up,"You save...Who...are you?",Deadbeard is still gaining senses,all woozy. Mrs.Deadbeard let out a small smile,"You know who I am,me Cuddlefish",she stroke his cheek,Deadbeard blushes then gasp,"No...this can't be...S-Shelly?! I thought you were dead after all these years...",Deadbeard wraps his skinny arms around his long lost wife,ready to cry again. "The Z-Army invaded Rose's Castle shortly after you guyz were picked up by the Zombot,when they notice me on the ground,almost dying and helpless,they called the Scientists and patch me up,made me all better,well,losing me eye,hand,and leg kinda made me a bit sad,but now...I kill plants for a living,I will never forgive what that Wh*re Rose did to me,and to my Cuddlefish,and my Pizza Dough",Mrs.Deadbeard rub her hand on her hook. Deadbeard hook his hook on Mrs. Deadbeard hook,"So...the family is back together,eh?",Deadbeard smiles. "I believe so,Mombeard and Dadbeard",Pizza Pirate hugs his parents,"Mombeard? Dadbeardz",both Mr and Mrs. Deadbeard giggles. "Yep,we're now back tog-",someone let out a evil laugh,interrupting Mrs. Deadbeard,it was Rose's evil laugh,"I'll get you,Deadbeard! Whether you like it or not my love! Mwuhahaha!",Mombeard sighs and shoot Rose,but the rocking ship cause her to miss the shot. Rose got the chance to run away.

To be continue
Well,Pizza didn't expect a party while he was coming back from the encounter of his mom
Sadly,Rose decided to spoil the fun and almost killed the Deadbeards
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FlimsyCone Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep I definitely see the reason why PP hates Rose. Also awesome story! You and PP did a great job! :D
OmegaKaijuScorpioBat Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
And i'll tell that to PP about that,and don't thank me,thank PP for making it 
DreamyLettuceSG Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Student General Artist
As always, Plants ruining the fun.
OmegaKaijuScorpioBat Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yeah,some zombies have families too
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